• Hangover Destroyer
  • Hangover Destroyer

What is Hangover Destroyer?

HD is the first and only liquid gel formula packaged in the latest container technology utilized exclusively by the energy goo industry. Each 1.1oz laminated flexible packet is shelf-stable for up to five years from production to ensure its quality. The suggested serving is a full packet of HD (1.1oz = 1 dose) for every 5 alcoholic drinks. For maximum effect & individuals who may be hypersensitive to the rapid effects of alcohol, take HD 30 minutes before consuming your first drink to help moderate the cognitive impacts of alcohol. HD will also offer sustained protection and support for your liver and brain when taken as a daily supplement. Once open, the formula maintains a level of viscosity to ensure a gradual flow of liquid gel from the neck opening of the packet. Simply tear it, squeeze it, squeegee the packet between your fingers to get the full serving, and be ready to seize the dawn.

Fast Acting Hangover Destroyer

Fast Acting

nano-emulsion delivery system (MCT oil) allows for rapid absorption into the bloodstream within 30 minutes. (80-90% bioavailable)

Stay Alert

targets brain receptors to protect against decreased cognitive functions without sacrificing the "buzz" from alcohol. (neuroprotective)

Liver Support

maintain liver enzymes ADH & ALDH - critical to the metabolism of ethanol-based alcohol molecules (hepatoprotective)


enteric coating of the formula ensures that Mint or Cinnamon (2 flavors) is delivered to the small intestine, where it can help to ease spasms, aid digestion and improve circulation.

Liver Support with Hangover Destroyer
Digestion support with Hangover Destroyer

Daily Health

protect organs, maintain optimal brain performance, rehabilitate liver function and decrease alcohol cravings.

Extended Health

effective in reversing liver damage from years of previous exposure to alcohol toxicity.

Hangover Destroyer can benefit you in many ways...

First, HD protects two vital organs in your body, the brain and liver, every time you drink alcohol. The result of this protection is increased mental clarity and motor coordination, along with more efficient metabolism of alcohol in the liver. As a potent antioxidant, HD neutralizes and absorbs toxins caused by alcohol metabolism, helping the body avoid typical hangover symptoms. When taken as part of a daily routine, HD can help your body maintain optimal brain and liver performance. The active ingredients in the HD proprietary formula have been shown to reverse some of the damages incurred over years of alcohol consumption. HD is loaded with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, & flavonoids that travel throughout the body to counteract the effects of damaging free-radicals, a by-product of the metabolism process. Also, HD is available in two unique flavors - Mint or Cinnamon - both 100% all-natural, herbal ingredients that aid in digestion and circulation, soothe the stomach and leave a refreshing taste.